Turning bottle caps into prothetics!

Fund raising & supporting local efforts

Buderim Lions Club has a project underway to collect plastic bottle caps.

There are two benefits from this. One is of course to reduce plastics going into landfill and the second is to provide a feedstock for some amazing people using 3D Printers to make plastic prosthetic hands which can change the lives of many people, particularly children in third-world countries.

Your Tops, donated by Amber’s class at Buderim Mountain State School have been cleaned and sorted!

All the bottle tops marked recyclable with 2 or 4 in the triangle, have been sorted by colour while all the other flat tops with threaded lids but no recyclable imprint are collected together separately.

Any tops without threads or with clip tops or nozzles cannot be processed and go in your yellow recycling bin.
Our collection is being held until transportation is arranged by Envision, the creators of this program to convert Your Tops into prosthetic hands for child amputees around the world using 3D printer technology.

Thanks to all our collectors from Buderim Lions. ‘You’re Tops’!

We have many people helping us in this endeavour, from small businesses to school children who collect the caps to pass on to us rather than let them end up in landfill.

People such as the staff of Castello Café Bar in Buderim, Healthworks Bundilla & keen students from Buderim Mountain State School.

If you would like to help collect or have caps to donate please contact Lion Garry on 0411 256 449