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The Buderim Lions are very active in the local community, joins us and do some good!

WELCOME to the on-line home of the LIONS Club of Buderim

Most likely you have encountered Buderim’s Lions where they are raising funds through LIONS BBQ’s, LIONS Mints, and LIONS Christmas cakes. These activities are important, but there is much more to the local Buderim Lions than these ubiquitous activities.

Your local Lions Club of Buderim is heavily engaged in important volunteer programs, to help support local youth and families. All these initiatives are making a great impact on our community.

If you are seeking a way to make a difference in your neighbourhood or for the greater Sunshine Coast, join us now and you can be a part of an organisation which is making a real difference through volunteering.  


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Local Projects

The Buderim Lions are busy creating a difference through major projects, many focus on the youth of our community.
Who are the Buderim Lions

Who are the Lions?

The Lions of Buderim are part of an international organisation of like-minded people, seeking to bring about a better world through stronger communities.
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Lions Activities

Fellowship, fun and action are keystones in what makes the Buderim Lions an effective organisation. Perhaps you would like to join us? There are no rules about how who you have to be, just have an interest in giving and supporting your community.

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To support the community we need the support of the community.

If you can help with time, skills or funds, please contact us and get involved!

Being a volunteer organisation means that 100% of all your donations will go towards the community projects.

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The Buderim Lions Den

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Buderim Lions Den

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